TRAZAMARE is an integral system for the valorisation of fishes and shellfish from the artisan fishing, marking and tracing of individual form each unit that commercialises. It is also a powerful marketing tool for the labeled fish and seafood. With this system, fishery products are identified in an image throughout the marketing chain, favoring its recognition in the market and creating added value from origin. CURRENT PROBLEM  In the actuality exists fraud in the identification of the fish and of the shellfish:

  • In his origin: fisheries in other countries.
  • In the technicians of fishing employed for his capture: not artisan.
  • In the species that really is commercialising.


  • Individual outline of each fish or shellfish since it goes out of the sea until it consumes.
  • Generation of individual labels adapted to each species.
  • Validation of the origin of the product. The final consumer, every time that purchases a unit labelled, can check its origin and the rest of characteristics (date of extraction, ship,…) Through a web developed for this end, by means of mobile devices (iPhone, Android, iPad,…), or by means of a computer. Of this form guarantees the origin of the product.

Trazamare. Esquema completo de funcionamiento